Me?  I’m a husband, a dad, a family guy.  But I am a God person, too.  My passion is ministry – and when I can combine creativity and communication, then I’m most excited.  I’ve worked with college students for years – and have loved it.  But I love small groups, and family ministry, and church in general, too.  Most of all I enjoy connecting with people, and then helping them connect with God.

Wait, there’s still more:


  • Kelly (my wife of 18 years- uh, that’s how long we’ve been married, not how old she is, but she probably would want you to know she is quite a bit younger than I am): beautiful, fun and smart (I married her so my kids would have a chance in math and science)
  • Allie:  16 years old, my red-haired thoroughbred
  • Lindsay: 14 years old, my quirky, fun-loving teacher-to-be
  • Luke: 12 years old, quiet and steady – and we both refuse to eat at American Girl Place
  • Max:  the “terrier mix” puppy they sold us at the pet refuge (can you say, “German Shepherd”?)

Biggest moments in life:

  • trusting Christ at age 5
  • marrying my wife
  • adding three kids to the family
  • finally coming to an understanding of what grace is all about


  • playing soccer
  • coaching my kids’ sports teams (I admit, it’s more fun when we win)
  • Breyers’ Mint Chip ice cream, Oreos, white cheddar popcorn
  • home improvement projects that don’t involve paint or plumbing
  • Toy Story 2
  • ministry – nothing is better than seeing people get turned on for God


  • the family vacation to Colorado – even though all five us of got the stomach flu one at a time (which was actually good since there was only one bathroom in the cabin)
  • going back to Moody to get my Master’s degree
  • running the only 5k race I ever plan to enter – and not finishing last
  • all the family traditions – apple picking, the corn maze, camping, cutting our own Christmas tree, and playing games
  • so many great years of college ministry with Notre Dame and Bethel College students

What my kids are tired of hearing me say:

  • “You can’t make bad choices and end up in good places.”
  • “Go to bed.”
  • “Someone let the dog out.”

What’s behind the name of my blog

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