A walk through the yellow pages

May it never be said that it takes much to entertain me.  That’s why when my brother or sister and I get together we can sit around a table and laugh hysterically while the rest of our families wonder how strange our childhood must have really been.

A few days ago Kelly and I headed off to northern Michigan for a few days of much needed R&R.  We didn’t have much planned – just a few days to hang out, relax, read some books, play some games, get some sleep, and visit the local coffee shop (Kelly’s idea).  It was a great plan – and it went quite well, but then I found myself paging through the local phone book of Manistee, Michigan – for what reason I have no idea other than that I was tired of playing games, reading books and relaxing.

As I was thumbing through the yellow pages, it happened.  I started laughing.  I was reading the headings at the top telling what the first and last businesses listed on each page were – and I hyphenated the two words, and well, I found myself amused.  But think about some of these business possibilities for a minute…

  • concrete-consignment:  sure, you’re done with it, but don’t throw it away – someone might pay for your used concrete
  • chiropractic-churches:  the ultimate holistic approach
  • mold-motels:  I think I stayed in one of these once in Sandusky, Ohio
  • pregnancy-publishers:  when you want everyone to know, they’ll get the word out
  • kitchen-landfills:  otherwise known as left-overs
  • drug-entertainers:  is this even legal?
  • toilet-towing:  it makes sense, especially if you can’t drive it to the shop for repairs
  • children-compressors:  are your kids getting too big? Or just too big for their britches?  These people can help!
  • septic-sprinklers:  this is simply recycling gone way too far

I told you, it doesn’t take much.  And remember, the next time you get bored – just let your fingers do the walking.


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